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Steven Jay Schneider, General Editor - All books by this author

Vampires, monsters, sadistic psychopaths, serial killers, vengeful ghosts, and Satan himself have been frightening and entertaining filmgoers for generations. This comprehensive, chronological film guide summarizes the 101 most important horror movies ever produced, from the 1922 silent classic Nosferatu to the low-budget, 1999 Sundance Film Festival hit, The Blair Witch Project. General editor Stephen Jay Schneider presents film summaries, reviews from a wide array of critics, cast and credit lists, and film production notes. The book’s 200 illustrations include unforgettable still shots from the movies as well as iconic film posters. Horror film buffs who open this book will renew their chilling memories of Hitchcock thrillers like Psycho and The Birds, revisit Dr. Frankenstein’s castle with Boris Karloff, haunt the sewers of Paris with Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera, and recall Anthony Hopkins’ most chilling role in The Silence of the Lambs. 101 Horror Movies is international in scope, and covers films from Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, and Australia. Fans of horror movies will want to see all 101 films before they die—and they’ll also want to own this entertaining and informative book.

Includes profiles for: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari • Häxan • Dracula • Freaks • Bride of Frankenstein • The Wolf Man • Les Diaboliques • The Hills Have Eyes • Eyes Without a Face • Cat People • Psycho • Nosferatu • Peeping Tom • The Birds • Onibaba Vij • Rosemary’s Baby • Night of the Living Dead • The Wicker Man • Don’t Look Now • Hour of the Wolf • The Exorcist • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Jaws • Carrie • Suspira • The Omen • Dawn of the Dead • Halloween • Alien • The Shining • An American Werewolf in London • Poltergeist • A Nightmare on Elm Street • Friday the 13th • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer • The Vanishing • The Last House on the Left • Jacob’s Ladder • The Silence of the Lambs • Candyman • Man Bites Dog • Scream • Ju-on • Ringu • The Blair Witch Project • Odishon • Devil’s Backbone • The Sixth Sense • The Others • 28 Days Later

About The Author:
Steven Jay Schneider
is a film critic, scholar, and producer with M.A. degrees in Philosophy from Harvard University and in Cinema Studies from New York University. He is the author and editor of numerous books on world cinema, most notably in the horror genre. They include Eurohorror, The Cinema of Wes Craven: An Auteur on Elm Street, Designing Fear: An Aesthetics of Cinematic Horror, Killing in Style: Artistic Murder in the Movies, Understanding Film Genres, and Traditions in World Cinema. He is also a consultant for film, television, and home video/DVD production companies, a curator for world horror film programs, and a staff member in development for Paramount Pictures. Among his recent titles are 501 Movie Stars, 501 Movie Directors and 101 Sci-Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die all available in North America from Barron’s.


Flexbinding w/jacket / 416 Pages / 4 1/2 x 6 / 2009


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